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Special Pricing for Nonprofit Organizations

Quark is pleased to provide a pricing program to help nonprofit organizations use professional print and digital publishing software to support their missions.

Whether your organization wants to deliver compelling design for print, the web, e-books or other digital media, QuarkXPress can help you get the job done for one low price.

Non-profit licenses come with 12, 24 or 36 month QuarkXPress Advantage plans giving you access to future upgrades and updates, unlimited technical support and other exclusive benefits. You can find out more about QuarkXPress Advantage here.

Check your eligibility and buy nonprofit QuarkXPress today by contacting a Quark Authorized Reseller in your country or contact Customer Service.

US Nonprofits only can also purchase through the US Quark eStore


Nonprofit Organizations receive special pricing on QuarkXPress software, when they meet the requirements below:

Organizations in the United States must be a qualified 501(c)(3) public charity as identified by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). See the online version of Publication 78 on the IRS website.

  • Publication 78 is the Cumulative List of Organizations described in Section 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, which identifies organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions
  • Publication 78 uses a coding system to identify each organization, listed by type and limitation on deductibility of charitable contributions to the organization
  • Research laboratories not wholly owned and operated by an educational institution or departments of the US or Canadian federal governments
  • Museums qualified under IRS 501(c)

501(c)(3), provided that such entity is organized and operated exclusively for one of the following purposes:

  • Religious
  • Charitable
  • Scientific
  • Literary
  • Educational
  • In the prevention of cruelity to children or animals
  • In the testing for public safety
  • Fostering national or international amateur sports competition

501(d) Religious or Apostolic Organizations.

501(e) Cooperative Health Services provided to Hospitals.

501(f) Cooperative Service Organizations of Operating Educational Organizations providing cooperative investment services for Educational Organizations.

501(k) Child Care Organizations which supply child care to children with working parents.

Canadian organizations must be registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Proof of eligibility

Acceptable documentation for proof of eligibility for U.S. agencies is a letter from the IRS or listing in the online version of Publication 78.

  • US - Sales tax exempt certificate
  • Canadian organizations must be listed on the CRA registry


The following registered nonprofit customers are specifically excluded from the Nonprofit Program and not eligible for nonprofit pricing:

  • Private foundations
  • Hospitals, clinics, or facilities providing direct medical care (except FQHCs)
  • Health management systems, HMOs, PPOs, or other healthcare organizations
  • Federally funded research laboratories
  • Government organizations
  • Political organizations
  • Labor or fraternal organizations
  • Lobbyist organizations
  • Churches or religious organizations not able to provide 501(c)(3) documentation

General Policy

Quark allows Nonprofit members to order a current-version license and one version back. Members must follow all guidelines of the current-version EULA.

Backward licensing policy

Nonprofit members will be able order previous versions of Quark software. Media, documentation, and/or support for older product versions will be limited to digital download only and limited support.


Nonprofit members may order concurrent licenses for lab or administrative use of certain Quark products. Members must maintain and use adequate verification or monitoring software to manage the concurrency (QLA for example or through activation).

Cross-language licensing

Licenses sold in a specific language grant members the rights limited to that language. Nonprofit members do not have the right to deploy product in a language other than what was licensed. Licenses sold with the designation of “PLUS” as their language do allow members to deploy the product in any language they choose.

Cross-platform licensing

Users receive product serial numbers and media compatible for both Windows and Mac as long as the product is available for both Windows and Mac.

Users can choose to use either platform and install as many copies as they want, so long as the total number of licenses being used does not exceed the number purchased.