Use dynamic publishing to create and automatically publish richly designed, interactive content for the web, eBooks, social media, e-mail, smartphones, the iPad, and more.

Things You Can Do

  • Tablet Apps
  • eBooks
  • Digital Collateral
  • Digital Magazines
  • Digital Newspapers
  • Digital White Papers
  • Digital Research Reports
  • eCatalogs
  • Banner Ads
  • Web Sites

Quark Publishing Platform opens a whole new world of digital design and automated publishing to provide large organizations and professional publishers with the ability to reach millions of digitally-connected consumers without incurring millions in cost to do so.

Using Quark Publishing Platform, the core of our dynamic publishing solution, you can build digital publishing workflows into your existing workflows so you can:

  • Add video editors and multimedia specialists to existing workflows.
  • Set up separate workflows for digital publications.
  • Set up separate workflows for digital publishing assets, such as for the production of videos, slideshows, podcasts, and other interactive or multimedia assets.
  • Let multimedia specialists check in and manage their assets in Quark Publishing Platform.
  • Let multimedia specialists and other Quark Publishing Platform users preview digital assets and publications.
  • Easily update all instances of digital assets when changes are made.

Custom-branded Tablet and Smartphone Apps

Combine rich, interactive design and automated publishing for a fast and cost-effective way to deliver the ultimate mobile experience

Create your own custom tablet and smartphone apps with App Studio, then publish them to public app stores such as the Apple App Store or internally to secure enterprise networks. App Studio reduces creative and technical barriers to publish to devices such as the iPad and helps you to harness the full potential of tablet technology so you can deliver the superior digital experiences your customers hunger for.

ePub and Kindle Format Support

Automated Publishing from XML to the ePub and Kindle formats

Quark Publishing Platform supports automated digital publishing from XML to the ePub and Kindle formats. The ability to create intelligent, structured content using XML allows content to be easily reused and repurposed dynamically for automated publishing across multiple documents, channels, and formats.

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