Analysts are under pressure to produce actionable intelligence (in XML) but they have little time to learn new technologies to facilitate this. The Quark Intelligence Solution is built around the tool analysts already know, Microsoft Word. By hiding the complexity of XML and making it easy to add metadata and security markup, deployment is fast and easy, so analysts can do what they do best, create intelligence.

Quark Enterprise Solution for Intelligence is based on the combination of Quark XML Author and the Pubs-XML Accelerator for a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) publishing solution certified for the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Analysts author valid XML in Microsoft Word, and the underlying technology ensures high stability and performance while providing an extensible interface that virtually eliminates the need for custom development as requirements evolve.

Enable Analysts Upstream While Building a Sustainable System

Quickly create and share discoverable analytic products by building the technical XML and tagging requirements directly into analysts’ existing tools and processes. Quark Enterprise Solution for Intelligence enables the construction of a flexible and sustainable system by allowing the incorporation of new requirements with minimal disruption to both analysts and backend systems.

  • Author Valid XML in Microsoft Word
    The familiar Word workspace encourages quick user adoption with minimal disruption to analysts and no loss of productivity from limited browser or forms-based applications.
  • Increase Discoverability of Analytic Products
    Analysts assign metadata to specific content for topical assertions and source citations then easily create document-level metadata that eliminates downstream hand-tagging, errors, and resubmissions.
  • Control Security Markup
    Quark Enterprise Solution for Intelligence makes markup efficient and easy with quick-pick lists and dialog boxes that have built-in guidance for security roll-up.
  • Facilitate Multi-platform Dissemination of Information
    Multi-level security previews from Word to PDF, RTF, and HTML may be created quickly and easily.

Quark Enterprise Solution for Intelligence can increase efficiency for XML-based authoring and dissemination of analytic products. This allows for rapid discovery through the Library of National Intelligence in addition to other government portals and messaging systems.

What Analysts Are Saying:

"My primary focus is helping clients in the government intelligence sector implement effective solutions for creating discoverable content. In my daily work, I rely on Quark XML Author because it's an easy and effective tool that has helped me increase the findability of my client's content by 400 percent."

— North Fork Technical Solutions Contractor for Government Agency