Quark Enterprise Solution for eGovernment helps governments and large non-government organizations use technology to create an easier, faster process for decision making. The solution vastly reduces the amount of paper commonly required to produce policies, legislation, and regulations, while enabling Cabinet ministers, legislators, regulators, and policy-makers to make better-informed decisions.

Publishing Technology Can Speed the Decision-making Process

Government officials want to make sure that the right people review the right information at the right time so that all of the pieces come together correctly. Quark Enterprise Solution for eGovernment improves collaboration between all contributors across offices, agencies, departments, and specialists.

Solution highlights:

  • Large-scale collaboration
    Thousands of people, from entry-level clerks to the highest level of government, can interact with the system and access information based on role and department.
  • Greater efficiency
    Replacing paper with electronic delivery speeds up distribution and XML complexity remains hidden while users continue to use Microsoft Word.
  • Faster process
    The solution automatically enforces rules for document structure, design, and workflow, reducing delays due to missing content, incorrect formatting, or missing approvals.
  • Better security
    Information may be viewed or changed only by authorized contributors based on role and rank.

Irish government improves processes with
XML-based solution:

Developing policies, procedures, legislation, memoranda or regulations involves hundreds or even thousands of employees whose expertise and consultation result in the final decisions. Quark Enterprise Solution for eGovernment allows officials to effectively collaborate in an XML-based system that speeds the review and approval process while maintaining security.