Content Automation

Reinvent Your World of Content so you can reduce cost, drive consistency, meet compliance and increase speed to market

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Introducing Content Automation

For global organizations, keeping up with the demands to deliver the right content to the right people, to the right place and at the right time is creating a huge strain on content processes within organizations already wrestling to reduce costs.

From creation and management, to publishing and delivery, the outdated content processes of yesterday are getting in the way. As a result, time is wasted, money is spent, resources are drained, and sometimes your content is lost altogether.

Quark’s content automation solutions help global organizations streamline their content processes, enabling them to deliver business-critical content with precision. From standard operating procedures, investment research reports and fund fact sheets, to product datasheets, legislation, and more — Quark solutions work together seamlessly to address challenges at every stage of the content lifecycle. Quark customers in industries such as finance, government, energy, manufacturing and more have leveraged our content management solutions to reduce costs and time to market by as much as 85%.


Say goodbye to copy and paste

With content automation, your authors move from creating documents to creating reusable content components — Smart Content. Smart Content is the foundation for content automation, creating a single source of truth. Quark’s solutions support structured authoring within a familiar word processor-like environment using a Web browser or Microsoft Word. Authors can create and reuse authored content, charts, tables, images, data, video and more. They can also tag content (manually and automatically) to maximize discoverability and enable automation downstream.


Cut days or weeks from your content process

From authoring through to review and approval, our content automation tools streamline the management of your content. Authors can instantly preview how their content will look in its final published form—as a PDF, HTML, or even in a mobile app. Status-based workflows enable the efficient routing of content for review and approval. If a content component is updated, the updated content must be reviewed and approved only once. Quark’s content automation platform automatically tracks these changes and dynamically updates all related documents.


Reduce your publishing timeline from weeks to seconds

Publishing templates not only enforces brand rules but also allows organizations to dramatically cut down the number of documents they need to manage. Content components are automatically assembled for the right media and audience, including text styling, table assembly, dynamic chart creation, insertion of the required legal text and even interactive elements, depending on the output. Content automation enables you to go beyond print and static PDFs to assemble content in responsive formats for the latest digital devices, all while ensuring the most up-to-date, approved content is being used.


Right content, right people, right place, right time

Quark’s content automation solutions seamlessly deliver your published content to a range of delivery systems, essential to a fully streamlined content lifecycle. Examples of content delivery include publishing a PDF to your enterprise content management system, XML to a Web CMS, or HTML5 to apps accessed by customers or employees using the latest mobile devices.