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Whether you're trying to attract attention through demand generation, or delivering product documentation to help your customers efficiently operate your products, a necessity is to deliver targeted communications to your customers.

Did You Know?

Research shows that personalized marketing increases response rates and revenue by 23% and increases average order size by 18%.
InfoTrends, 2008

Have you found a cost-effective way to deliver information that's tailored to targeted groups and even individual customers?

Quark publishing software can help you produce information that meets your customers' needs, including self-serve Web-to-print solutions that sales and field staff can use to customize materials; variable data printing that merges names, e-mail, and other personalized information with richly designed templates; personalized reports with complex information; and thousands of variations of product manuals based on each individual customer.

Personalized Publishing

Manual Customization by Field Offices (Web-to-print)
You may have salespeople, field marketing offices, or business partners who need to produce their own local variations of your marketing materials. These are typically called "Web-to-print" applications because the best solution is to let your field offices customize your marketing materials in a controlled way through a Web browser. These applications let you limit the changes that a user can make so that you can protect your brand elements: Logos, colors, placement, and standard copy.

With Quark Web-to-Print System, you can quickly set up your own Web-to-print application that your field offices can easily learn to use.

Mass-customized Marketing Materials (VDP)
For marketing campaigns, you may want to customize various elements of each direct mail piece, animated banner, or e-mail based on the characteristics of each person receiving your message. For example, you may want to embed their name and address in the text, or you may want to vary the photo based on their location.

These applications are often called "Variable Data Printing" (VDP). You can set up variable fields and images in your marketing piece that the VDP system fills out from a database.

By adding the VDP option to Quark Web-to-Print System, you can set up high-quantity publishing of direct mail and e-mail with remarkable ease. In combination with QuarkXPress®, a designer can not only create the layout but also identify the variable portions. The system reads the variable portions out of a database and automatically generates thousands — even tens of thousands — of personalized communications.

Personalized Reports
While you can use VDP (see above) for customizing marketing materials, you may need something more powerful, especially for documents with complex content or that can vary in number of pages.

For example, you may produce research reports or datasheets by the dozens or hundreds where the variable content can be blocks of text, illustrations, titles, tables, and even database information. These requirements call for a component-based approach to building your documents, where you use XML as the common format for all of the different types of content you need to include. With Quark XML Author for Microsoft® Word, you can easily create the text blocks that you need, and you can use Quark Publishing Platform to assemble the content into documents and apply templates automatically to produce your publications in print, on the Web, and in digital formats.

Personalized Technical Documentation
Many companies create build-to-order products and deliver one-size-fits-all manuals. Increasingly, however, companies are trying to build the manual to match the product. One of the most popular ways to achieve this is by building an XML-based publishing system using the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA). DITA has a built-in capability to describe document variability so that one general-purpose source file can generate hundreds or even thousands of variations.

The foundation of Quark's solution for DITA authoring and publishing is Quark XML Author for Microsoft Word, an add-in to Word that makes it easy for authors to create DITA-compliant content while remaining in a familiar environment.

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