Distinguish your organization with highly designed, engaging fund fact sheets for print, the Web, and digital devices, such as the iPad, while reducing authoring time.

With automated template creation, direct integration of marketing tools with other data sources, and freedom from formatting, your organization can reduce your authoring effort by as much as 50%. With a single sign-on system, cross-divisional teams can work together to reduce editing time and the cost for cross-divisional-media production and publication.

Automate the Creation of Distinctive Fund Fact Sheets

Using Quark Publishing Platform, your marketing department can improve the speed and lower the cost of creating, formatting, validating, and disseminating distinctive fund fact sheets across multiple types of media — including print, Web, and other digital formats.

Solution highlights:

  • Cross-Divisional access for Cross-media Publishing
    Quark Publishing Platform allows teams across your organization to create smart, reusable, content once with the ability to integrate audio, video, boilerplate content, and other interactive elements into their fund fact sheet layouts to be automatically published to print, Web, and digital devices.

  • Digital Publishing
    Integrating digital delivery of your fund fact sheets into your publishing process allows your clients to easily track fund performance on their smartphones and tablets, helping you broaden awareness of your funds to drive new business.

  • Sales Enablement
    Publish internally to secure, enterprise tablet, smartphone and Web apps for your sales team. Include PDFs, MS Office documents, videos, interactive publications and more.

  • Workflow and Collaboration
    Quark Publishing Platform integrates with a range of content management systems including FileNet, Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint and Drupal™, allowing your teams to create structured content once and connect everyone in a single workflow to improve communication and productivity by automating for delivery of higher-quality output at a lower cost.

  • Rich Design and Secure Access
    Quark Publishing Platform allows your design team to develop distinctive templates for your marketing team while providing secure access so only authorized personnel can edit certain information.

Quark Publishing Platform provides you the ability to publish your fact sheets to digital devices with interactive content, giving your clients new ways to engage with the information you provide, distinguishing you from your competitors. Automated, dynamic publishing using Microsoft Word together with Quark’s industry-standard publishing technologies provide your organization an end-to-end publishing system to help streamline your business and eliminate inefficiencies.

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