Life Sciences

Life sciences organizations are tasked with an important mission: developing products and services that improve our lives. For these organizations, delivery of information about the product is just as important as the product itself. It’s impossible to overstate both the volume and complexity of content that is involved in bringing a new drug to market. Getting it wrong can impact patient safety, time-to-market and often results in regulatory penalties and a lasting negative impact on your brand.

Content Automation

Quark develops a Content Automation platform that enable life sciences companies to automate the content lifecycle and deliver content with greater precision and confidence. Subject matter experts use a familiar word processor environment to create reusable content components (XML) that can can be shared, updated and automatically assembled for publishing to multiple formats. Content Automation streamlines the processes for creating, managing and publishing medical information, increasing speed to market, reducing costs, and improving compliance.

Quark Procedure Management

Improve the creation, distribution and reuse of medical information and other clinical procedures. With Quark Procedure Management, you can streamline the creation, management, publishing and distribution of content.

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Enterprise Sales Enablement for Life Sciences

Quark Docurated unifies content silos, streamlines navigation and taxonomy, and brings sales and marketing together so teams can confidently find and deliver the right content to the right client — all from a single source of truth.

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Quark XML Author

With Quark XML Author, an add-in to Microsoft Word, life sciences organizations can take the easy path to XML implementation by allowing authors to create reusable Smart Content components in the familiar Word environment. This Smart Content can then automatically be reused in multiple documents, assembled into publications, and dynamically published with Quark Publishing Platform into multiple types of media with minimal training and disruption.

Life Sciences Partnership

As well as serving the life sciences market directly with solutions, Quark also has a longstanding partnership with Glemser Technologies. Glemser develops industry-leading IT solutions and services essential to life science companies throughout North America and Europe. Our joint solutions cover areas such as clinical labeling and test specification management.

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