Quark Enterprise Solutions for Manufacturing helps manufacturers of consumer and business electronics, semiconductors, machinery, transportation, apparel and many others deliver fast and accurate product information to customers and employees across multiple channels, including print, the Web, and digital devices, such as iPad, Kindle Fire and Android tablets.

Quark Smart Datasheet Solution

Datasheets are an essential sales tool; however producing thousands of unique datasheets that sell and differentiate your products and brand can be labor intensive, error prone, and costly. The Quark Smart Datasheets Solution transforms the creation and automates the publishing of standout datasheets to print and digital devices, reducing time and cost by more than 85%.

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Technical Documentation Solution

Manufacturers must meet customer and employee expectations for product information. The Quark Technical Documentation Solution allows technical documentation, marketing, training, and other departments to easily create, share, and deliver structured content automatically to print and digital devices.

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Enterprise Sales Enablement for Manufacturing

With an overwhelming amount of product information to create, manage, and deliver to prospects, it’s not surprising the sales and marketing teams in manufacturing struggle to ensure critical information is always up to date. Quark Docurated unifies content sources to give teams the ability to find, customize and share information with prospects across channels from a single source of truth.

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