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Tame your policies and procedures

Improve your organization’s compliance, reduce costs, and boost customer service with Quark Procedure Management. With Quark Procedure Management, you can streamline the creation, management, and publishing of your company’s policies and procedures. Our intuitive platform helps your team rapidly develop and reuse procedures, simplify approvals and workflow, and quickly publish to PDF, web, and mobile. Discover how Quark can help you tame your procedures.

Quark procedure management


Write Modular, Reusable Content

Improve your team’s productivity with Quark Procedure Management’s powerful reusable content capabilities. With Quark Procedure Management, you can stop copying and pasting content and procedures from one document to another. Instead, with our powerful XML Smart Content engine, you can write a piece of content once and then reuse it any number of times in other documents. And when it comes time to update or change your content or procedure, the solution will automatically update all of the documents that depend on it.

Create, Approve, and Publish Faster

From engaging subject matter experts to getting final approvals, good process is the backbone of writing a procedure. However all too often we rely on emails and attachments to communicate, completely forgoing any kind of team accountability. Quark Procedure Management can help. With our powerful built-in workflows and collaboration features, we make it easy for your global team to work together to deliver great results on time.

Publish to More Than Just Print

Today’s employees are used to working with web and mobile technologies, so why are your procedures still stuck in print or static PDFs? Quark Procedure Management can publish to print, PDF, web, and mobile with a single click - giving you device-appropriate output to all the platforms your company is using today or will be using tomorrow.

Give the Right Procedures to the Right People

With so many processes and procedures, your employees might have to navigate through hundreds of pages of information to find the relevant steps for the problem they’re facing. Meanwhile, while they’re digging through documents, they’re not focused on the issue at hand. Quark Procedure Management helps you untangle the mess by making it easy to add metadata and organization to your procedures. That means your team can quickly find the right information at the right time, saving both time and money.

So Easy, Anyone Can Write

The technology behind Quark Procedure Management is a powerful XML Smart Content platform, but your writers will never need to know. We’ve made Quark Procedure Management so easy-to-use, your subject matter experts can focus on writing instead of learning complex technical syntax. That means you can train your team faster and see results sooner, all with fewer support headaches.


Reusable Content

Rapidly reuse procedures and boilerplate

Almost every procedure has boilerplate text or other content repeated from document to document. But what happens when this information changes? You end up having to manually update dozens of documents, costing you time and money. Quark Procedure Management simplifies this by letting you organize and reuse content from a central location. When you change something, the server automatically regenerates all of the related pieces for you, so you can spend more time working on the things that matter to your business.

Intuitive UI

Turn your subject matter experts into active contributors

While many content tools trade off ease of use with power and flexibility, Quark Procedure Management gives you both. With Quark Procedure Management you get both an incredibly easy to use platform and the power and flexibility of structured XML content. That means your subject matter experts can write your policies and procedures without knowing a thing about XML. Meanwhile, your technology and publishing teams get all the benefits of structured XML documents for organizing and distributing your content.

Customizable Metadata

Organize your procedures and make them discoverable

Today’s procedures are critical for business, but they’re also getting longer and more specialized. Whether your stakeholders are servicing equipment in the field, managing compliance for your company, or answering questions in customer support, they need to be able to find the right procedure for the problem they have at hand faster than ever before. Quark Procedure Management makes it easy to attach custom metadata and taxonomy to any piece of content, enabling easy search and discovery of information on modern digital delivery platforms.

Flexible, Shared Workflows

Align your teams around a single workflow

Writing procedures can involve lots of people throughout your company. Different people may need to create the content, approve the details, or perform legal review. Your procedures go through a long process from start to finish, but traditional collaboration over email inevitably results in a slow process with no accountability. Align your team using a flexible workflow and approvals platform. You’ll be able to see at a glance the status of your process while uncovering any bottlenecks.

Multi-Channel Output

Rapidly publish to PDF, web, and mobile

Today’s employees expect procedures to be available in modern digital formats – web in the office and mobile in the field. But all too often companies are stuck distributing procedures in costly, outdated print because formatting to other channels is too costly. Let Quark help. Our intelligent platform can publish the same piece of content to print, web, PDF and mobile. And with our background in digital publishing, you can have the confidence that your procedures will look right in every format, every time.

Built-In Previews

Make sure your procedures look pixel perfect

As you build your procedures, you’ll inevitably want to make sure they look right in their published form. Quark Procedure Management’s built-in previewing system renders previews for you on-demand, letting you see how your procedures look for print, web, and mobile. You can have confidence that your procedures will look pixel perfect in whatever medium they’re published.

Enterprise Integrations

Integrate with the business tools you already use

Quark Procedure Management uses the latest API technologies to enable easy and secure integration with everything from Microsoft Office to complex business infrastructures. Our platform can integrate with many popular product information systems, enterprise content management systems, user directory platforms, and more.


See how a major pharmaceutical company revamped their expert medical customer service procedures using Quark Procedure Management, all while lowering their authoring costs by 30%.


“Quark XML Author allows our knowledge workers to create content in a hassle-free environment. If they have less stress with the system, they will work faster, they will log less support calls, they will be happier.”

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Read how a major bank streamlined their regulatory processes using Quark Procedure Management, improving productivity and increasing compliance.


“…the Quark solutions are easy to use and have dramatically cut the time it takes to author our standard operating procedures. So much so that we’ll be able to take on two to three times the number of procedures with the same number of people.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can your solution help me with my risk management and compliance?

Quark Procedure Management is designed to help companies more effectively write policies and procedures. Structured content allows for harmonization and reuse of processes and work flows, and our software helps companies improve their risk management and regulatory compliance by making it easier to write, manage, and publish procedures in a timely and consistent fashion.

Can your solution help me with knowledge management?

Yes, Quark Procedure Management can help companies document and share important institutional knowledge as part of a knowledge management process.

Can your solution help me write standard operating procedures (or SOPs)?

Yes, Quark Procedure Management can help companies document standard operating procedures for critical infrastructure, equipment, and business processes.

Is your system hosted or on-premises?

The solution is implemented on-premises but hosting options are also available.

Do you integrate with Microsoft Office?

Quark Procedure Management integrates with Microsoft Office applications. Your office content can automatically be synchronized between the two applications, as selected by the writer.

Can you output to mobile devices?

Yes, output is available for all major device formats (iPhone, iPad Air, iPad mini, Kindle Fire, Samsung Tab etc.), device types (tablets and smartphones) and operating system environments (iOS, Android, Mac OS X and Windows). Content can be published directly to mobile from the automated authoring workflow or requested by the mobile consumer, on-demand. Customers have the option of native apps, Web apps or both.

Can you output to the web?

Yes, all content created with Quark Procedure Management is format neutral and can be pushed to any standard output format, including XML, HTML and HTML5. This means publishing into a Web content management system (CMS) already in place within an organization is possible, as well as delivery to an interactive Web app, providing an app-like experience within any modern browser.

Do you integrate with Microsoft SharePoint?

Quark Procedure Management readily integrates with Microsoft SharePoint for distributing content to your organization.

Do you offer services to help set up and implement your solution?

Quark has an experienced professional services division, which is available to support the installation, configuration and implementation of any custom requirements. This team has experience with a wide variety of technology environments and has a deep understanding of the requirements for procedures authoring and publishing.

Do you have any expertise in content strategy?

Quark can help you design your enterprise content strategy. Our experts can analyze your content’s lifecycle, determine risks and challenges, and perform high-level and detailed content audits. This includes cataloging information products, and designing information models for published documents and source content.

We see that you are based in Denver, Colorado. Do you work with non-US-based clients?

Quark is a global organization with offices around the world. Many of Quark’s existing procedure clients are global organizations, each with their own unique needs, each of which is supported by Quark’s distributed sales, service and support organizations.

What do your support services look like?

Quark offers a variety of support programs that fill most standard business needs, for example 5x8 during local business hours in primary time zones. Should special support requirements exist, Quark provides customized support plans to meet each client’s needs.

How many customers do you have?

Quark has hundreds of thousands of customers around the globe spanning a wide range of industries and applications. The company has more than 20 years of experience in enterprise software development, deployment and support.

Do you work with partners?

Quark has an active partner community and has organized its relationships around strategy, technology, solutions and resellers. For more information on Quark’s partner program, please see the Quark partner page on our website.


Info Sheet:

Quark Procedure Management

Quark Procedure Management helps companies develop procedures faster – saving time and improving compliance. Download this Info Sheet to learn more about the benefits and capabilities of this industry-leading solution.

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Drive Multi-Channel Publishing With Smart Content

Learn how companies are using XML Smart Content to build standard operating procedures that work effectively across multiple distribution channels. This eSeminar also features a demo showcasing the capabilities of Quark’s Procedure Management solution.

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Case Study:

See how a major pharmaceutical company revamped their expert medical customer service procedures using Quark Procedure Management, all while lowering their authoring costs by 30%.

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Case Study:

Read how a major bank streamlined their regulatory processes using Quark Procedure Management, improving productivity and increasing compliance.

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White Paper:

Dynamic Publishing: Compliance and Risk Management in the Digital World

This white paper provides an overview of the current challenges of document management in a regulated environment and discusses how you can optimize your existing infrastructure to enable an automated workflow by adopting a dynamic publishing system.

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The Beginner's Guide to Smart Content

Discover how Smart Content will enable business users and subject matter experts to easily adopt XML in order to keep up with the insatiable customer demand for multi-channel content.

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Technical Overview

Quark Procedure Management is comprised of a number of tightly integrated Quark products that all utilize state-of-the-art, standards-based technology such as service-orientated architectures, Spring Framework Java™/J2EE™ and Web services.

The primary Quark products that form the basis of the Procedure Management Solution are Quark Publishing Platform, Quark Author or Quark XML Author, App Studio and QuarkXPress. We also offer an integration with Microsoft Office and optional integrations with enterprise content management systems. You can find out more about features and system requirements within the specific product pages.

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